Igital Marketing plan for Bagel Nash LTD

The report need to be structured using SOSTAC framework

Use RACE model

very brief introduction around 100 words.

Digital Marketing Objectives3 Objectives, Increase footfall-struggle attracting new costumer, build brand awareness.
Linked to the key findings objectives should provide the direction for plan using objectives analysis table.

Digital strategyrecommendation of the appropriate strategy to achieve objectives using RACE model.
Digital marketing mixthe recommendation and justification of a coordinated digital marketing mix (tactic) to achieve the strategy and objectives such as, Website, Function, Content, Interaction, Social media,Application (App).
Implementation plan table and Gantt Chart a 6 month plan detailing when the tactics will be employed and a realistic budget outlining how much they will cost
Control and measurementa set of recommended metrics/measures so the performance of the plan can be assessed.

Bagel Nash website,

please not: this plan need business language and a relevant structure is vital.

please use Digital Marketing strategy, implementation and practice by Dave Chaffey, Fion EllischadwickFifth Edition.