Igital marketing plan Quality Pet Care

The Task

Your agency has been appointed as digital marketing consultants by QPC to grow both the number of customers and the overall customer value through the use of digital marketing.

Your key tasks are to raise awareness of QPC, together with its new products and services, and in so doing increase both the number of online customers for the business, and the value of all current online customers. A budget of A?300,000 has been allocated for the next 12 months. You should:

1. Review of the key issues facing QPC and clear digital marketing objectives to achieve QPCs goals
-This is situational analysis so look into: PESTLE, the market, the product, our customers, our competitors, SWAT analysis, key issues (3-4 key issues MAXIMUM, e.g. do they have an acquisition problem? retention problem?
Make sure the objectives are SMART objectives.

2. Develop strategies to acquire 2,400+ new customers and to increase the value of all customers using suitable digital channels focusing on clear identification of the primary target segments and recommendations on the customised propositions for these segments.
– Segmentation (max 3 segments)
– Proposition for each segments
– Customer journey for each segment (different touch points)

I have uploaded Mintel reports, and images of the assignment brief (labelled image 1,2,3). Please do not deviate from the brief.