Igital Marketing Strategies to promote Fashion Antidote Website

Fashion Antidote (facebook page)

i?¬ Basic background introduction of the Fashion Antidote facebook page, write briefly why you are interested in the topic
– fashion lover,
– update to the most fashion trend, sales information, fashion show
– unique fashion taste want to share, etc.

i?¬ How we get source materials(fashion blog, dressing brand website, original, magazine)

i?¬ Users Growth strategy ( Use Digital Marketing Plan and Strategy)
i?¬ How do we promote our website
-strategies: word of mouth; virus marketing; etc.
-tools: SEO; Social Media; photo & Video share; Add tags to make users find us easily; set up group discussion in facebook page, etc. For example: Search Engine; post sales news for online shop; Viral Marketing by Email, advertisements design; Slogans; establish relationship with famous fashion blog, etc.

i?¬ Ways to attract new customers and keep the old

Graphs and visual material can be used. For example, we get over 300 facebook likes. How did we do that, explain in detail by using digital marketing strategy; and our facebook visitors flowrate data. I will provide these data to you.

All related information can be found on our facebook page.

i?¬ How to improve our reputation and popularity.(Micro Blog, App, Social Media, youtube)

Find Literatures to support our ideas.
Critical analysis, challenges we may meet, how we solve

We also use Weibo(Chinese version of Twitter) to attract Chinese dressing fashion fans, now we have around 200 followers, and the around 70 followers will pay a visit to our Page everyday.

How we promote our WEIBO (Use Tags to allow people find us, comment on Forum or famous blog to promote, interaction with followers, etc)

Look forward to the future

i?¬ How are we going to do in the future
-set up a professional website, corporate with fashion magazines/
-charge for post brand sales information or advertisement to make profit.
-strategies we may use in the futrue

The essay should be based on the PPT slides knowledge