Igital Media, Computing and Programming

You are to design a Java applet which displays a simple vehicle, such as a car or lorry, composed of a few simple shapes & colours and including some lettering. The applet should incorporate some interaction which controls some aspect of its appearance, including one or more buttons and one or more scrollbars. Extra marks are available for imaginative use of shape, colour and interaction but no marks will be given for including image or sound files (e.g. gifs, jpegs or wavs).

You can view some example applets from the  Java Resources page for COMP1314. As a starting point for your applet you may use some of the examples or solutions from the  Interaction with Applets lecture, such as RedGreen1.java. You do not need to reference these files, but you will only receive marks for the changes you make. If you use any other external source for code (such as books or the internet) you must reference it fully and describe the changes you have made. Finally, the coursework is to be completed using the classes and methods discussed in the lectures, so you should not use different window toolkits such as Swing classes (e.g. JApplet, JButton, JScrollBar, etc), Graphics2D classes or Graphics3D classes.

The Java code should be well structured, beautifully indented and clearly commented, with meaningful names for both variables and methods. It should also be written so that it is easy to modify the size, shape or position of the applet design just by changing the values of a few variables.

You should also create a simple web page (an html file), uploaded to your UNIX area, which displays the applet, and includes a link to download the Java source code.

Finally you should create a Word document, which contains the mark scheme (page 4 of this document), a screen-dump of the applet, the address of the html file, and a short description of how the applet works. You should also paste in a copy of the source code formatted in a mono-spaced font such as  Courier New .

The following must be uploaded to your UNIX area by midnight on the Deadline Date:
” The html file which display the applet and contains a link to the source code
” The source code and compiled applet (.java and .class files respectively).
The following must be uploaded to the coursework page for COMP1314 by the same time:
” A PDF copy of the Word document (which will be printed out in black and white).
” A zip file containing the Java code and the html file.