Igital Media Critical Analysis Remix Cultures


This is the brief for this piece.

Write an essay of 1500 words providing theoretical and critical understanding of the impact of digital technologies in the arts. You must briefly discuss the historical and cultural role of code on artistic practice. You will draw upon the themes chosen and explore these contexts by looking at specific examples of digital media and/or artists.

The area chosen to study is Remix Cultures.

The readings i would like in the piece are the following:

Manovich, L. (2002) Generation Flash, at

Remixing Culture: An Interview With Lawrence Lessig, at

Lessig, L. Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy. UK. Penguin Press, 2008

Websites to look at, may be help:

Generation Flash Projects, available at archive.org/details/REMIXCULTUREpanel3
Best authors to look into are Lev Manovich and Lawrence Lessig. Other sources are welcome.

Some questions to address in the piece could/may be:

How does remixing cultures affect society

Who does remixing & why they do it?

What theorists say?

What relevance to digital media arts?

Hope this helps! Feel free to contact me for any more information.