Igital Media Strategy and Implementation

Based on the ongoing blog and/or periodical readings (NY Times, WSJ, Wired, etc.the list is attached) that have been recommended in the course syllabus, describe what you believe to be the most significant strategy issues facing the digital media industry in one paragraph. For the remaining of the paper cite two companies as an example of the issues being engaged, and then analyze how these challenges are being dealt with effectively. The companies must have been discussed in the blog and/or periodical readings. The companies I chose are Sony and Netflix.

Be precise in your descriptions and avoid generalizations. In offering your Thesisbe sure to provide data that supports your analysis. What supports your argument that the strategic engagement is a?successfula? or on track to be successful? How do you measure a?successa?? Use financial metrics to measure success. Be specific.

Ideally, you can explain how the company has taken relatively recent steps in defining their strategy when confronting a specific strategic challenge.

Igital Media Strategy and Implementation

strategy statement for Intel: The articles the professor has provided provide an introductory overview of the company, its performance, market position, and strategic challenges. More research beyond the list of articles provided is encouraged.

Guideline for strategy statement:

In the opening paragraph succinctly describe the company (for example, when it was founded, whether it is public or private, core business, etc.). For example, Zynga is a social gaming company, and with a few additional sentences you can provide a general introductory explanation presenting the companys product and performance, and how the company has evolved.

Describe the companyas development, success and market challenges. Introduce supporting data. For example, this might include market share, operating margins, expansion or contraction, revenue, profit, share price (if the company is public), technological innovation, acquisition, etc.

Assuming the company has demonstrated a history of Success(and be sure to define how you measure this success), carefully research and write about the strategic challenges the company has now engages. What are they? Why are they challenges?

Please avoid being general. Be as specific as possible, and use supporting evidence and data to the extent possible.

Based on you presentation of the companys strategic challenges, what strategy do you propose?

Not every point and insight presented in the course readings are immediately relevant, but there are strategic considerations that are directly applicable.

Reading #1: Curse of the Mogul
a) Consider the strategic imperatives outlined in Curse of the Mogul”. Under the general category of barriers to entry, how can your company cultivate such Moat building”. What category or categories of barriers to entry are relevant, and how would you successfully introduce such barriers.

b) Consider Porters five forces. What forces are relevant, if any? What do you need to consider and how is your strategy specifically influenced by Porters analytical template.

Reading #2: Innovators Dilemma
c) Are there any perspectives from Innovators Dilemmathat are relevant to your strategic plan? For example, is your company running along a Sustained innovationcontinuum, or are you confronting Disruptiveinnovation?

In constructing the strategy statement, the road map needs to be well conceived and not a listing of wishful, inspired leaps into a dream likes landscape. Make sure you take into consideration the resources and culture of your company, and analyze the extent to which the Pre-existingdynamic of your company is an asset or a liability. Is your strategy proposal enhanced by the corporate culture, or does your strategy challenge the legacy resources of the company? For example, the culture of each of these companies is distinct, and may influence the strategy you endorse. How will the dynamic of the company influence your strategy?

For whatever you propose, there needs to be a sound, coherent, constructive, defensible explanation, even if some of the initiatives (to borrow upon Christensens work) approach entrant markets that are uncertain, as opposed to incumbent markets. What do you think the result of your strategy will be, and how can it be measured?

There is an abundance of material you can access online regarding each company. (Please avoid restating the analysis you might find on a company especially if it is a public company; construct your paper based on your insights!). Do your own anaylsis based on the methodology we have studied in our class readings and discussion. In essence, envision yourself as the executive responsible for driving the digital strategy of the company you select. Be fully prepared to defend your analysis.

You have up to 5 pages. Use this well. Be concise, and too the point. List the reference materials you use.