Igital Readiness Report of E-buiness in United States of America

Country: United States

This paper allows you to research the technology adopt rates, infrastructure and market issues that surround a specific country ( United State) in relation to the introduction of E-Commerce. You should structure your paper to ensure that you clearly identify technological (such as infrastructure) and political (government restrictions etc) issues together with examining consumer attitudes, adoption and behaviour as well as business adoption and trends within the country you chose to study. The findings should be then juxtaposed with the situation in Australia so as to establish a consistent understanding of internet adoption and usage around the world

An essential competency for any international marketer is to understand and make decisions regarding variations of marketing programs for international environmental variables. These variables now have to be assessed with variations associated with e-business infrastructure.

Digital Readiness Report Checklist (Research area):

 Economic
 Political
 Technology Infrastructure
 Media Infrastructure
 Converged Digital Infrastructure
 Capital Infrastructure
 Public Policy Infrastructure
 Key E-Business Companies  Infrastructure Developers
 Key E-Business Companies  Infrastructure Users
 Specific Variations In International Marketing Programmes Using E-Business Technology
 Specific E-Business Public Policy or Private Reports Or Plans
 Emerging And Future Information Infrastructure Initiatives
 Key Issues and Recommendations For Current and Future E-Business Marketing Initiatives

Digital Readiness Report Structure(report structure):

 Title of Paper
 Table of Contents
 Abstract or Executive Summary
 Introduction
 Clearly Structured Sections And Headings for The Body of the Report
 A Clear Conclusions Section
 References/Bibliography Section
 Referencing that conforms to Journal of Marketing Standards
 Up to 20 pages (10 pt font), Checked for spelling, effective grammar and expression
 (excluding appendices and exhibits, and Title and Table of Contents Pages, but including Referencing/Bibliography)
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All Reference are most from E-resource,E-journal and all digital reading.

Dealtime: 6pm 28th April (Australian Sydney time (GMT +10:00)