Igital Storytelling / Online Narratives

NOTE: the writer just helps me to finish the work of a?Step 1a?.

Step 1 --a?Interpretera?. Taking notes on the readings of listed below and comes up with an outline for how the group will address them. It is a part of a social media project as a practical application of one of the readings from the a?theorya? section of the course. And then, the group will must respond to at least one of the readings from the given week.

Step 2a a?Photographera?a responsible for taking pictures and/or capturing images from their computer for incorporation into the blog. This member will publish the photos with a very brief (100 words) explanation on their blog as proof of their duties.
Step 3a a?Writera? a responsible for writing the blog post engaging the photographs and texts from class (500 words). If there are four group members, two people will split this duty and clearly indicate what each person has done.

Theme: Digital Storytelling/Online Narratives
Film Theory and Criticism: a?Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinemaa? a Mulvey,
a?The Masteras Dollhouse: Rear Window a? -Modleski

Photo Essay a The group takes photos and incorporates them into a blog post about the readings. An example would be to choose the readings from the feminist week, take a series of photos/screen captures that represent a struggle with feminist issues online (perhaps how women are portrayed on various gossip sites), and incorporate this with a brief critical discussion written on one studentas blog.