Igital technology has ruined how people entertain themselves

Argumentative Essay
Essay Question: Digital technology has ruined how people entertain themselves. Discuss.
Support your argument using one or two of the following fields: film, music, concerts, holograms, augmented reality/virtual reality, computer software, gaming, and/or digital convergence.
Ensure that you incorporate course material as well as a minimum of two books and two academic journals. Online sources can only be used in addition to these academic sources.
Wikipedia is NOT an appropriate source for this academic essay.
Please note, all sources of information need to be appropriately acknowledged in-text and end-text in APA format. It is compulsory to attach a completed Plagiarism Checklist to all submissions both the Skeleton Essay and the Essay.
In order to do well in this point of assessment, it is advisable to refer to the Unit Outline for guidance, as well as to the Skeleton Essay Guidelines, Skeleton Essay Marking Key, Essay Guidelines and Essay Marking Key.

i will attach the essay guidelines and essay marking key. please follow the essay guidelines and the essay marking so that i can get higher mark.

this essay using 3rd person.