Igitizing the Physical World Hoe organizations can benefit from digitization

My personal essay capital account manager is Alice Gardener:

Hello, I am currently working on a thesis concerning digitization.

It is very (!!!) important that the main sources for this thesis are academic journals rated A or B some could be C-journals. I will try to upload as many sources I could find, however, it would be good if you try to include them.
Please also use helpful graphics and try to specifically explain some (important) words/definitions.
The number of used sources/references should be quite high but it is more important that they have the correct academic level (A/B).
I will also upload a specific APA instruction sheet that slightly differs form the international standard.

At this point I am not fully convinced of the main aspects this thesis should cover But I will try to explain the information I received so far.

Would it be possible to get as soon as possible a short introduction in combination with a structure (index) of the thesis? Just to double-check that this project is going the right direction. I would appreciate it if you could deliver this material within the next 12-24 hours. If you have any problems or questions, just let me know.