Ii) Financial Futures, options, and other derivative securities.

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Dissertation instruction:

The main topic is  Financial Futures, options, and other derivative securities . The outline I have sent to my supervisor is as follows.

First, I am going to give a detailed description about derivative securities, which may include its definitions, uses and development in recent years. Second, some examples of derivative securities will be provided such as options, futures, and swaps. Of course, I will focus on one or two of those examples and analysed it or them in details, both theoretically and practically. The real-world analysis will be the main issue in this part. Hopefully, one or more issues related to derivative securities will be raised during the discussion, and some reasonable conclusions may be reached in the end.

Surprisingly, my supervisor didn t give further instructions. However, I don t think this is a good outline for the dissertation. If you think it should be changed a little bit, please do so. But make sure what you want to write is what you are good at and is what can make me get a higher marks. If possible, contact me before you start writing.


UK standard. You must acknowledge all of the sources that you have used.the standarway of doing this( as in the Economic Journal) is to identify the author in the text, eg., Paul and Dewit (1997),and give a full citation in a reference section at the end of the dissertaion.In setting out the bibliography,it is recommoned that you adopt the style used in the Economic Journal.