Ilgamesh, Heart of Darkness and Brides of the Well: Being Human Theme”

Brief Mid-term task: ENGL 2310-05.
So, in a short paper (no longer than 2 pages typed, double-spaced), comment on what each of the three works suggests to readers about being human. You must identify the three works and authors; you must clearly present what each works says about a?being humana?; and you must support your statements by explaining what in each text suggested to you what you discerned about a?being human.a? Remember, you must refer to three specific works . I had added a link under each Work that offers the Text to each book incase you are unfamiliar with the Works.
1. Gilgamesh by Herbert Mason (PDF/03_16-64_Gilgamesh.pdf)

2. Brides of the Well by Shekhar Kapur ()

3. Heart of Darkness By Conrad (219-h.htm)