Illete: Product and Marketing Innovation

The case analysis is Case 1 a Gillette on pp. 387-398 of the Ferrell/Hartline 5th edition textbook (2011).

Answer 2 questions a total 100 points

Question 1Required (A) a 67 points
A. Using the case analysis guidelines provided (e.g., 6-step process), demonstrate how Gillette can use one of the decision-making frameworks to develop a major new business opportunity in the global marketplace.

Question 2 a Answer B or C a 33 points
B. Evaluate product innovation at Gillette throughout its history. Has Gillette been a victim of its own success? Has product innovation in the wet shaving market come to an end? Explain?

C. What actions would you recommend over the next five years that would help Gillette maintain its worldwide dominance in the shaving market? What specific marketing program decisions would you recommend? Should Gillette be worried about Schick? Explain.