Ilton Park Lane leadership style between middle management and employees

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It is Literature Review. The main theory have to mention and the articles have to have connection. And also NEED TO BE CRITICAL. Leadership style( Autocratic, Democratic and Laissez-Faire, only these three). How it link with Middle Management, Communication w/ employes.
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An integrated essay evaluating the research that has already been undertaken in the area of the research project you are conducting; show and explain the relationships between published research findings; draw the key points and trends (recognising any omissions and/or bias); and, present them in a logical way which also shows the relationship to your own research.

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Literature Review
Although the role of middle-level managers has become paramount currently, there has been some unease regarding the position in most organizations (McKinney et al., 2013). They perform the duty of pushing the organization towards the right direction albeit the growing cases of job insecurity. After the recent global financial crisis, many businesses were forced to search for strategies that could be in reducing the high cost of overheads. Consequently, a decision was made to retrench some of the employees in order to control the wage bill. The main casualties of the radical changes were departmental managers who were retrenched or deployed to other areas as most organization reinvented their business models. The fear of losing a job made some of the managers to be unproductive since they knew their fate had been sealed (Cooper et al., 2006).
Demoralized managers are very likely to develop negative perceptions towards work because of the fear of losing their job anytime. Consequently, it is important for the senior management team to provide them with the necessary support so that they can accomplish their mission. Having an unstable middle-level management is likely to undermine the overall performance of the organization given that employees sometimes need to be so that they can work (Creswell, 2012).
Interestingly, middle-level managers find themselves in a unique position in the current world. Given that the scope of their work is colossal, they do not have sufficient time to attend to training programs to enhance their skills. Furthermore, the matter is always complicated when fewer resources are allocated to them denying them an opportunity to undertake viable ventures. The unique position middle managers find themselves in; demoralize them from working passionately towards the success of a firm. Once morale goes down they become less concerned with the performance of the organization (Decoene and Bruggeman, 2006).
Middle-level managers act as a link between the senior level of management and the junior employees. They communicate to them important decisions that affect the organization. It is that the middle-level managers will miss a place in the future in most organizations. The loss will be as a result of the nature of their jobs that is considered to be redundant. Unless there is an immediate response, the role of middle-level managers will remain to be a daunting task. The pressure that is with such position is intense and unbearable. Consequently, departmental managers end up passing their frustrations to junior employees who are in the production process (Delbert et al, 2002).
The study sort to investigate the leadership style of middle-class management and employees at the Hilton Lane. Current journal materials will be for the purpose of trying to unearth the correlation that exists between the two variables (Yin, 2013). Furthermore, the research also seeks to fill the gaps that have remained unfilled regarding the research question (Hornsby et al., 2002).