IM Acquisition and Implementation Plan: Part One (BEAUFORT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ORIS INTERGRATION)

HIM Acquisition and Implementation Plan: Part One (BEAUFORT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ORIS INTERGRATION)

120 points
Due: Jul 14


To assess your ability to:

identify the major components of a healthcare organization
evaluate the information systems that exist in a healthcare organization
examine the internal and external data and information that are unique to a healthcare organization


For this assignment, you will complete the first part of your project: HIM Acquisition and Implementation Plan. Following submission of this assignment, your professor will grade and comment on your paper.

Note: Once this section of your paper has been graded and returned to you, you should review all comments and revise your paper to prepare it as part of your final project report due in Module 6.

Action Items

Prepare a 4to 6-page report titled, HIM Acquisition and Implementation Plan: Part One.
Compose your paper in Microsoft Word.
Cite ALL sources according to APA format.
Include the following sections (formal headings) in your report:
Overviewa Include the following:
Describe the background of the selected healthcare organization (BEAUFORT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ORIS INTERGRATION). Note: Include the information from Assignment 1-1: Organization Selection
Describe the type of patients the organization serves.
Discuss the organizations current vision, goals, and objectives relevant to the information systems.
Identify the accreditation body and quality improvement process.

Healthcare Data: Major Componentsa This section should include:
Identify the patient-specific clinical information and patient-specific administrative information collected.
Describe the data sets used for processing reimbursement claims and coding standards used by the healthcare organization.
Describe the aggregate health care data collected.

Information Systemsa Include the following:
Describe the organizations clinical and administrative healthcare information system.
Describe the measures or policies in place to protect patient confidentiality and privacy.
Describe the current challenges or barriers related to the current healthcare information systems.