IM Acquisition and Implementation Plan: Part Three

Prepare a 4to 6-page report that includes the following sections (formal headings):
Implementation Plan
Outline a plan for the healthcare organization to implement the new vendor solution (include training).
Describe the major risk factors associated with the implementation of the new vendor solution. Note: You can use information from Assignment 5-2: Leadership and Change in this section.
Evaluate the managers role in implementing the new vendor solution.
List 3 future roadblocks or issues the healthcare organization may face in the application of information technologies to improve healthcare.
Describe why you believe these issues will be future roadblocks.
Provide a brief paragraph reflecting the lessons learned as you completed this project.
Combine action item 1 with the other two reports of your project into one document. Title your report HIM Acquisition and Implementation Plan
Adhere to the Section 2 criteria for formatting your project.
Assemble your project in the following way:
Title page. (Include your name, the assignment name and number, the course and section number, and the date on your title page).
Healthcare Data: Major Components.
Information Systems.
Current HIM Framework.
Recommendations for New HIM Framework.
Implementation Plan.
Appendices: Assignment 5-1: Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Information (RFI) and any other documents or graphs, as appropriate.