IM marketing (marketing environment module)

this is a chartered institute of marketing paper, it has 4 parts.
part 1 is question 1 which is compulsory and is 2,500 words.
part 2 is an elective section where each question is 1,500 but you only complete 2 questions, if i had to do this i would do questions or task numbers two and five, so it would be good if the writer could complete these.
the final part of the assignment is question 6 which is 500 words.
they do ask that you use the same company throughout the assignment so please bear that in mind, i dont want the three main questions on different companies, has to be the same one, ideally a writer with a marketing background would be fantastic.
Underneath the task or questions you will find the assessment criteria, the question must include these within the answer otherwise i loose marks.