IMSS Virtual Conference Reaction Paper-due november 16th

A reaction paper is expected to be two to three pages, typed, and double-spaced. The reaction paper is your response to participating in the HIMSS Virtual Conference. Attendance & or participation is tracked via HIMSS.

Expectations of a Reaction Paper

This paper will need to integrate three pieces of information.

1. Include a thoughtful reaction to the sites visited (your opinion based on your findings). You must visit at least 3 separate sites (i.e. Example a 1 Educational Session, 1 Vendor/Exhibit and 1 Networking/Chat)

2. Demonstrate self-reflection over how this information has particularly contributed to your understanding of technology in health care.

3. Students are expected to reference sessions or speakers from the HIMSS Virtual Conference.

Special note in regards to reaction papers: Students are encouraged to exhibit critical thinking and to express ideas freely. You will not be graded on your opinion; however, you will be critiqued on the depth of your discussion, as well as how succinctly and clearly you have explained your idea. A good writing tip for this assignment--do not explain the obvious, begin at the a?meata? of your discussion. Use APA style references where applicable.