In Tai Fung as an Asian American Experience

This class is about The Asian American: Culture, History, and Community. The paper is to investigate a subject that relates to Chinese American experience. Use the source: JSTOR and entitled: Roadtrip to Chinatown: Tasting Your Heritage, One Bite at a Time, it should bring up some thoughts on food, identity, the culture of cities and the Asian Fusion foods. Din Tai Fung as a search term on ProQuest (source) turned up some interesting articles about the opening of their restaurant, this can be used within a framework of a history of dim sum or American taste for Asian cuisine.

Please also talk about the history of Din Tai Fung, the difficulty it has or had as an Chinese restaurant in the United States and how it became so successful nowadays.

Please use the two sources I listed above: JSTOR and ProQuest and use other outside two sources to support the paper.

Citation page doesnt included in the 8 pages.