Using the relevant academic literature you are required to

i??Critically examine and discuss the approaches to standard setting in accounting. Illustrate the application of such approaches / your analysis with relevant examples.i??

A good answer will demonstrate the following:

i?? a rigorous analysis and highly developed comprehension of the coursework topic, showing evidence of a systematic understanding of current debates;
i?? a well-structured critique of ideas / concepts, answering questions such as, i??What is said?i??, i??Why it is said?i??, i??Why and how do you react to the points / arguments in the way you do?i??;
i?? appropriate discussion and evaluation, engaging with financial accounting policy concepts / ideas as well as real life examples;
i?? logical argument and supporting evidence;
i?? clarity of expression that communicates the points and arguments clearly to the reader.


The coursework must:
i?? state your name and registration number;
i?? be word processed (Arial, 12);
i?? be double-spaced;
i?? state the word count;
i?? include a proper reference list;


1. Consider the question carefully to assess its scope and limitations.

2. Plan your research and start reading weeks (not days) before the essay is due.

3. Try to ensure that your essay flows and use appropriate headings to divide the text into logical units for the reader.

4. Do not plagiarise. If you quote from somewhere, identify the quotation and acknowledge its source.

5. After an appropriate gap, re-read your draft and revise it. Good work requires a great deal of effort and will usually require at least two drafts.

6. Ensure that your essay is grammatically correct and check all spellings and make corrections where necessary.

7. Include a reference list, set out in good scholarly form, to acknowledge your sources.