Inancial crises between 2007 a 2010 (about Dubai)

Please read this instructors carefully that I really want my report to be covered:
Start with Economist magazine and Financial Times. Either online or the hard copy at the library.

a? This is a report and please do not write more that 2000 words.
a? I would like you to include in the introduction that, this report will concentrate about Dubai and how the Financial crisis affected Dubai between 2007-2010.
a? Please you will find some help below that you will need to use it. There are some examples of the companies that suffered and even the projects that has been affected because of the financial crisis.
a? Please when you write the report make sure that you answer these questions: they mean after the financial crisis:

1) How did we get from there to here?
2) What happened to the world especially to Dubai (Talk only about Dubai only)? Use the examples that you will find under the heading Dubai.
3) What are governments, central banks, regulators, governments and people doing to overcome this?
4) What are some of the causes of this event? Use the examples that you will find under the heading Dubai. Use your own experience and find out what are the causes of this event.
5) Can you explain what will happened to the global financial market in the future?
a? Conclusion: summarize the report and give some steps that Dubai if doing all their best and fighting the crisis under the Ruler of Dubai (Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Almaktoom).
a? Please I want at least 6 references and below or (in the word document) you will find some resources that you have to use them to complete this report.

please fins the attachment to use the examples and grading crierias.