Inancial crisis and different business model

Report questions: answer both of following questions A) the financial crisis of 2007-2010; was it simply the result of lax regulation, or were a range of factors at play? (50 marks). B)In light of your discussion in part a), answer the following question: Could Lehman Bros.a collapse have been avoided if it had followed a different business model? (50 marks).
Please read those lectures first before writing report (Especially lecture 4). I need a 15 pages report fowling the format in a attachment (1.5 spaced). However, this is a report it needs graphs and data analysis to support arguments.
I ordered a?20pages/5000wordsa? should be enough (333words per page) for 15 pages, if this order is not enough I can pay extra words after you finish this report. You can use some resources from Internet, however this report MUST mainly depends on the arguments from lectures and those readings I provided.