Inancial crisis in United states and Saudi Arabia

I do not mind if the writer wants to add a more details or informations, but the research must follow this outline. The writer can
Also, references should be included.

a? Hook Real story or something interesting to drew a readers attention. Example ( History will never forget the black financial period between 2006 to 2008, the financial crisis, specifically, mortgage crisis influenced and left damage on the all over the world. There were two countries where government, financial institution, and folks responded differentlya¦ US and SA)
a? General information, statistics, facts for both countries
a? Examples. Who is more influenced.
a? Thesis statement. Example Not required to be a same(However, even though United states and Saudi Arabia have attacked by financial crisis, the causes of the crisis was quite different in both country, the ways of facing the financial crisis in SA helped to keep market save more of its value, and work process that was taken to get out of the crisis and protect the economy from similar situation.

Body 1
Causes and Consequences of financial crisis in US and SA.
General information about the economic system in US and SA.
The beginning signals of the crisis.
What makes the crisis ongoing for a while.
Is the crisis over? Why and why not?
During the crisis, financial activities from investors and borrowers. The obstacles faced householders to leave their home.
How investors expectations controlled of market. Why they stay out of investing.
How international cooperation adapt with changes on securities.
When the householders were evicted, to whom they went, what did they do?.

Body 2
Laws, regulations, actions that were taken to confront the crisis, recover it , and ensure will not occur in future.
How did they adjust the supplies and demands.
What did they regulate laws on financial institution to toughen the economy, and guide the market on right track.
Changes in laws that both country did to avoid similar situation in the future.

Conclusion ( overview )