Inancial Economy Crisis and Its Influence on Society

Class Topics & teaching materials

Topic: Financial Panics

Film(MOVIE): Itas an A Wonderful Life by Frank Capra

Readings(a scientific treatise):

Silber, William: a?Why Did FDRaS Bank Holiday Succeed?a?& lt; span FRBNY Economic Policy Review July 2009 pp. 19-30

Bernanke, Ben S. a?Causes of the Recent Financial and Economic Crisisa? Testimony Before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, Washington DC. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Bernanke, Ben a?Money, Gold, and the Great Depressiona? Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Romer, Christina, a?The Nation in Depressiona? The Journal of Economic Perspectivesa? (Spring 1993) Vol. 7 No. 2 pp.19-42

Key point words:, Economy Great Depression, the Industrial Revolution, economic crisis,economic depression, creative economy, risk-taking, financial crisis,economic trends, Americanized values, economic cycle, American dreama¦a¦ and so on.

Matters that require attention: It is a formal essay form, no plot summary, No wikipedia, must be used economy theories that are mentioned in Film and Readings. must be inserted quotations and citations by Film and Readings.

Main Focus: I want to mention about the Industrial Revolution, Economy Great Depression and the Great Recession. In other words, due to the econmy level based on economic cycle, the economic trend change from the best to worst. Therefore, I want tnat my essay based on economy depressions, atmosphere of econoy history, and situation of economy crisis and its solutions. Above all, the readings and films are the most important for essay because this essay must be based on the films and readings.In addition, I have to mention cause and effects about financial panic.
Please make introduction-3body-conclusion.