Inancial feasibility analysis 5 years forecasting subject Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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I am looking for a writer who has strong background in accounting/ and Management to do this paper .


We are required to identify an entrepreneurial business opportunity (EBO) with a potential for high growth and draw up a thorough new venture feasibility analyses for the proposed business ( We have already choose the business, but basically, our business provides tour on foot for tourists and helps them experience things around SYDNEYAUSTRALIA )

What I need you to help me is doing the financial feasibility analysis for our choosen business called Wobbly Boot Crawls ( The brief business plan has been done and will be posted ) .

In this financial feasibility analysis , you will need to create the 5 years financial forecast and compare it with other competitors ( You may need to do a bit research on that to find info ).
Here is the details of steps that you will need to do :

Financial Feasibility
The most important issues to consider at this stage are:
1. Total start-up cash needed.
2. Financial performance of similar businesses.
3. Overall attractiveness of the proposed venture.
4. Financial Factors Associated With Promising Business Opportunities

Then , when those steps are done, there should be a section called Recommendation , in that , you should help me to analyse whether we should recommend or reject this Entrepreneur business opportunity( EBO) based on financial figures and why ? Either the way is fine but you need to use strong argument which supporting by data to explain.

For example , if you reject the EBO , you could use some ratio , break even point , cask flow to total debt …ext , in the analysis in previous part. its up to you to choose how to explain, those are just my examples. ) And similarly, if you recommend the EBO, stating why .

THere are lecture notes and other info which will be posted to support you in doing this paper. If are there anything unclear, please feel free to ask.