Inancial Health Analysis and Presentation of Colgate Palmoliv

Analyze the financial health of your corporation. Your analysis should include (but should not be limited to) a variety of relevant factors such as: a?Profitability
a?Liquidity and cash flow
a?Debt and other liabilities
a?Pensions and other postretirement benefits
a?Share-based compensation plans
a?Growth plans

In the research for your analysis, be sure to utilize the most recent annual report of the corporation. However, do not limit yourself to just this information.

4. write a 6-to-8 page paper (double-spaced, 12 point font) describing the financial health of your corporation and providing your recommendation on whether or not you would recommend investing in this corporation. Be sure to include a brief introduction of the corporation and its products and/or services. Use proper APA citation and references. Remember to put the paper in your own words except for properly cited quotes