Inancial incentives, sanctions, and bonuses Ethics class

This is not a formal paper rather an informal and straightforward discussion for an online class. An introduction to the topic is not necessary, so please do not provide a detailed explanation of the subject. Simply focus all writing on details that relate directly to briefly but concisely answering only the immediate questions:

subject and questions as presented by instructor:

The use of bonuses, financial incentives and sanctions have become common tools for managed care organizations seeking to save costs.

1) What guidelines should there be for employees of such organizations?

2) How does an employee know when a cost saving decision, which is good for the organizationas bottom line, has interfered with proper patient care?

3) What if a nurse is in charge of budgeting and denial of care on a patient would produce a bonus for that nurse at the end of the year?

Although no sources are required, ALL sources do need to be cited; therefore, if you provide an informative statement, please back-up the information with a credible source.

This is not a required source, but the textbook for this class is provided below in APA format:
Purtilo, R.B., Doherty, R.F. (2011). Ethical dimensions in the health professions. (5th ed.). St. Louis: Elsevier Saunders Publishing.