Inancial Information .Coursework Assignment

This report must be written in a professional manner.It includes calculations.I will attach electronic document,its the tesco annual report.So the quiestions must be answered based on the document i attach.It must not exceed 1500 words (excluding tables and calculations.

Its required to answer all questions using the published information on Tesco Plc, which is provided as a separate pdf document .The work will be marked on the basis of a) the accuracy of your calculations b) the quality of the analysis provided and, c) the presentation of the report, which must be prepared in a professional manner.

professional manner.

The deadline for submission is 6.00pm Thursday, 03rd May 2012.

Please use the following guidelines:
a? The report should be word-processed and presented in a professional manner
a? The font used should be Times New Roman, Size 12, Line Spacing 1.5
a? Include the word count and the name of my seminar leader at the foot of page 1

Please make sure that you also look at the notes to the financial statements to verify/obtain the correct figures for certain items (i.e. inventory, trade receivables, trade payables, average share price, etc). In case there are two sets of accounts, i.e. consolidated and company accounts, please use the group accounts for the calculations of the ratios.