Inancial Institution and Markets Assognment I

Financial Institution and Markets
Relate Bank Management & Financial Services, Peter S. Rose, Texas A & M University
Sylvia C. Hudgins, Old Dominion University
ISBN: 0073382434
Copyright year: 2010
Chapter 2

1. When is the Dodd-Frank Act enacted?
2. Who are the sponsors of this act? Give a short biography.
3. Why is this act put into force?
4. What are the major reforms of this act?
5. How is this act related to the previous major financial reforms you have read in Chapter 2 of your text?
6. Has this act been successful in dealing with the current financial crisis? What do the critics and proponents claim?
7. What is your opinion on the efficacy of this act after examining it with this assignment?

You are required to answer each question above in a professional composition format. Assume that you are writing this report to present it to the board of your corporation. Please indicate your references and put a short abstract in the first page. The page limit is at least 3 pages, single space 12 font size. [Hint: the report should be in your own words. No cut and paste. I want your personal touch for every question.]