Inancial institutions & market financial innovation

Students are required to write a short essay demonstrating an understanding of issues and concepts covered in the unit.

Essay topic :
It has been suggested that financial innovation is central to economic growth and prosperity and that, consequently, financial system regulators should resist over-regulation that might thwart innovation. On the other hand, certain financial innovations have been blamed for taking us to the brink of disaster in recent times. The global financial crisis has required extraordinary measures by governments to avert and continues to impose costs on real economic performance around the globe. Should the potential benefits of financial system innovation deter regulators from imposing restrictions on the activities of financial institutions?

i?© Note: Internet searches of the World Wide Web using a search engine such as Google can sometimes be a useful starting point but do not substitute for surveying the scholarly literature on the topic.

There is a 1,200 word limit on the final version.

ESSAY MUST Include :
1. abstract (not more than 200 words),
2. introduction,
3. body,
4. conclusion
5. reference list

Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

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