Inancial Issues in International Business

You have to choose to open one company in two countries : Lebanon and Qatar and compare both of the outcomes.
You will need to do a SWOT analysis as well as a PESTEL analysis and a Risk evaluation model (political, economical, environmental) for both countries to determine what will be the hurdle rate for each country (the rate of return).
You will have to determine what will be the initial capital investment (injection of cash) to start the business backed up by a relevant argument and evidence (why? how? from whom?). Also you will need to describe how to obtain capital, buy assets, and how to earn a return and distribute profits (differently for both countries in order to compare them and choose the most optimal outcome). Then you will need to project the statement of cash flow for 5 years (on a semi-annual basis). Then you will need to determine what will be the Net present Value for each year in each country (Cash flow / 1+ r) so determining the R will be the most important task and it will differ for each country based on different factors that you must argue and support with evidence.

Final outcome : to make a decision in which country to open the company and for what reasons all supported by concrete evidence and calculations. Remember, this is a finance project so you will need charts, excel files, tables, and real raw financial data for both countries.

I will upload some slides for your reference but you need to focus only on the following : Extremely detailed Statement of Cash flow, NPV (net present value), Discounted Cash Flow, Hurdle rate, Rate of return, Capital investment, Assets, Cash, Expenditures, Operating Profits, Sales, Cost of Good Sold, Earning before Tax and Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA)