Inancial Management of Healthcare Organizations

Activity: Your accounting firm, Pennypacker & Vandelay, LLC, has been asked by the Chairman of Harris
Memorial Hospital and Harris Community Foundation to attend the annual board meeting to present the report of the Independent Auditors. The purpose of the presentation is to give the Board the financial highlights of the annual financial statements and advise them of any unusual events both current and in the foreseeable future that might impact the overall financial statements.

Examination Question: Develop a board of Directoras financial presentation based on the financial statements displayed in Appendix Chapter 9-A. In preparing your comments (brief write-up) consider using the learning objectives displayed in Chapter 11 (#3 through #7) as a hint for your discussion development. The discussion report should comment on:
1. Independent Auditoras Opinion Letter
2. Balance Sheet
3. Combined Statements of Operations
4. Combined Statements of Changes
5. Combined Statement of Cash Flow
6. Notes to Financial Statements (select 3)

Appendix Chapter 9-A:
the link for that is ( books?idiIu17ZUMwd0C&dqessentials+of+healthcare+finance&qAppendix+Chapter+9-A#vonepage&qchapter%2011&ffalse
page 243

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