Inancial Management Ratios comparision

You are required to calculate for Bloodstone Ltd. the same twelve ratios as those given for Garnet Plc. You are to compare the ratios for each company and discuss the performance of Bloodstone Ltd., with special reference to any risks you perceive and commenting on the relevance of each ratio calculated. You are to discuss the reliability of Ratio Analysis as a method of assessing company performance and suggest and additional information which might be helpful to a potential investor. Additionally, you are to note what further information, if any, would be required to complete any prediction of financial distress.

This must be formal report of 2000 words, all source references must be given in Harvard referencing system. Appendices should not exceed 1000 words. Calculation must be in appendix  at work only results should be given.

Will be Attached:
L&P Account
Balance Sheet
Financial ratios