Inancial Management Study of 3 companies and their flotations (IPO) onto the Stock Exchange.

For Groupon, Linkedin and Angies List, report on the Financial
aspects of the flotations onto the stock exchange concentrating mainly on the following:

Describe briefly the build-up to the flotation in each case [road show, book building , indicative price etc]
Note the flotation price for each company and what the price represents in terms of price earnings ratio or whatever other metric is used to set the price.

Note how much new money each company is raising in the flotation relative to the overall market value of the company.

Note who were the sponsoring banks and what fees they charged. Link this to a comparison of the flotation price with the first day trading price and the market value of the companies briefly after flotation. Comment on how well you think the sponsors earned their fee.

As the companies are in the same sector a the pricing etc can be usefully compared. Make the comparison and note any particular differences.

Give a brief summary of some of the media comment on the financial aspects of the flotation [e.g. forecast of first day trading price versus the actual figure, would the flotation be a success a¦.]

Give a brief outline of the product of the companies.

Finally, in addition to your three companies give what information is available in the lead-up to the flotation of Facebook [likely value, p/e, advisers & fees,
new money]