Inancial Markets Assignment: Investing in Equities

For this assignment you are required to produce a report on investment in equities. You must choose two businesses that are quoted on the UK stock exchange. Your businesses must be in the same market sector.
You have A?10,000 to invest. You will need to refer to the financial press and company accounts to decide which company to invest in. You will then analyse both companiesa performance over the last year. You will then make a final decision which company you are going to invest in.

Report Content
This will be a general introduction to the company you are interested in. You should state why you initially think this sector would be a wise investment. This should be based on economic climate and the nature of the business sector.
This should be a comparative analysis of two companies and include the following:
You will look at the financial press for the last month and analyse the movement in the shares for both companies.
The dividend history tables for the last two years and comment on the movement in the dividend.
Investment ratios for both companies.
Research any news items and economic climate which may affect your business sector.
A final decision, based on your findings, which business you are going to invest in


Formal short report style is required. The assignment front page can be used as the report front page.

You must include all empirical evidence such as the dividend tables and the financial figures. These should be presented in the main body of your report.
If you calculate your own ratios you should also include the company accounts and your calculations. These must be presented as an appendix.

All data should be numbered as Table, Figure or Appendix and referenced where appropriate. For example:
Table 1.1

Source: Tesco Annual Report 2011

You then make reference to the data in your report. Examples:
Table 1.1 shows that share prices rose…
Share prices rose… (Table 1.1)
Any web sites, texts, articles etc that you use must be Harvard referenced as usual.

The report should be no more than 1500 words, excluding figure work.