Inancial Planning in Australia Personal Insurance (Life cover, Total & Permanent Disability cover, Income protection and Trauma cover).

I intend to do PhD about financial planning in Australia. I want to explore how people make decisions about personal insurance, what influences their decisions. I want to explore the factors which I think influence their decisionmaking such as fear, cost of premiums, family values, beliefs, religion, emotional status. Surely I will have more factors as I go along, but at this stage it is all that I have on my mind. The literature will have to be found to either confirm or disagree with my statement about what influences people to make decision about taking out insurance. From here I see I will be able to build an argument and critical discussion. I also intend to carry out survey on different groups of people and see what influences their decision on taking out insurance. These data will be processed and analysed in a statistical way using statistical programs.

At the moment I am doing PhD qualifying program. I have this course that I have to complete and I need to write about my dissertation topic and it is like a starting point/work in progress.

Below are the details of the requirements set my our lecturer.

Assignment requirements:
Students should be able to demonstrate how/why they are developing a particular research problem. While an appropriate body of literature will form the basis of the problem, this assignment is focused more on the research problem than a wide review of literature. This assignment should be written in a manner that makes sense to non-specialist readers.

Marking guidelines for the written research proposal:
(1) Clear explicit statement of the research question which is informing the thesis research
(2) Clearly stated precis of the literature selected for review that identifies gaps, inconsistencies or other problems with the existent state of knowledge on the research topic
(3) Logical deviation of a research problem from the critical review of the relevant literature
(4) Scholarly citation and referencing.

I have spoken to my lecturer and he said that we need to have Introduction, Body of the report and Conclusion. Body would include literature review and introduction with conclusion will include research question and discussion about it. He also said to include any gaps that I may find in the existing literature and methodological issues. Also talk about the most important things that were published and find if there is room for unsatisfactory findings by them and possible arguments that I can develop. He also said that around 10 references should be enough at this stage. References have to be properly referenced and not internet websites.

I hope this is enough information. I assume that the writer will be in contact with me to clarify all the issues above.