Inancial Policies and the Value of the Firm

i will attach the files of what should include the dissertation the name if the file lecture 1, previously ordered literature review the name of this file is empirical finance. and data of three countries Russia, Hong Kong, China. i need you to compare three data of three countries as well. the data is private information of university so we can share it only with permission of university, i need to ask you not to share or post it or use it anywhere. also, i will attach the lectures notes, the name of the file are week 4 and week 4 lab. If i have more information i will attach it later.

Referencing Requirements:
i ordered before the literature review for 3500 words to my dissertation at your company. the full dissertation should be between 5,000 and 7,000 words (tables, graphs, appendices, and references should not be included in counting the number of words), so now i need another parts for 2500 words. the ordered before literature review was to guaranteed 2:1 standard my grade was 55 only, that is why i need to ask best writer for that because i need the other parts for guaranteed good mark only.