Inancial Position of EasyJet Plc. and British Airways Plc.

Produce a written report on the performance and financial position of EasyJet company and the competitor British Airways.
Your written report should highlight, compare and discuss the financial strengths and weaknesses of the two companiesi?? and indicate any threats and opportunities. Using ratio analysis, you should consider year on year comparisons over two years for your chosen company and then provide inter-company comparisons with the competitor from the same business sector. You should compare 2013 with 2014.
The report should include analysis of :

i?? Efficiency
i?? Liquidity
i?? Gearing and
i?? Investor Ratios.
At the end of the report you should include an appendix showing all the ratios that you have calculated (year on year and intercompany comparisons) and the basis of their calculation, clearly stating any assumptions that you have made.
You should also include in the appendix, the relevant extracts from the annual reports, namely the income statement and statement of financial position/balance sheet.
At the end of the report after all the calculations there should be a conclusion and brief recommendation about how to improve the performance and ratios.
I dont need the introduction because Ive started work on this assignment and Ive already written the introduction and Profitability part.

EasyJet Annual Report for 2013-2014 can be found here Easyjet-Plc-V2/pdf/investors/result-center-investor/annual-report-2014.pdf
BA Annual Reports 2013-2014 can be found here phoenix.zhtml?c240949&pirol-reportsannual