Inancial projections (revenues, costs, anticipated net profit)

Please read the bottom the busness plane project that I write and I want you write for me about this company, IPPS, Financial projections: revenues, cost, and anticipated net profit. Please write more than half page about revenues. Thanks!

Please read the busness plane project the bottom:
Executive summary
PharmaStaff is a company that will provide pharmacy scheduling relief to businesses. With the use of company our clients will experience numerous benefits for their own companies viability and future success. Reducing the man hours needed to coordinate the logistics of scheduling, lowering the overall number of employees on payroll, potentially reducing the salary cost of filling pharmacy positions, as well as increasing efficiency of filling positions and availability to a large pool of pharmacy candidates.
PharmaStaff will serve large corporate companies such as Walgreens, CVS, Publix, Wal-Mart, and Target.
All pharmacists provided by PharmaStaff will be fully trained, in compliance with all up-to-date requirements, and aware of all standards and goals of the individual clients company. This specialization of product available to our clients ensures they receive a fully functioning and effective pharmacist to place on their staff.
PharmaStaff will operate through a convenient online networking system. Availability of access, intuitive use, and reliable results are principle aspects which PharmaStaff prides itself on. Clients may view pharmacistsa information, including: picture, availability, experience, additional training, and short personal statement. Clients may now instantly fill positions needed while also obtaining important information about those filling the position.
PharmaStaff offers clientele a unique way to save on staffing cost. Our network of pharmacists is able to offer their services for less than market value if they prefer. This creates internal market salary created amongst our staff. This allows clients to obtain high quality services below mean market value if they desire.
PharmaStaff provides a reliable, efficient, and cost effective resource to effectively schedule irregular pharmacist shift with the highest quality personnel.

Background and description
Part-time pharmacist position has become more popular with the current state of the countryas economy, the growth in the number of pharmacy schools over the last several years, and the increase in number of female pharmacists who would like to spend more time taking care of the family. At the same time, with recent changes in public health policy, the number of people requiring healthcare services is on the rise. As the roles and responsibilities of pharmacists continue to expand to meet the need for improved access to healthcare, pharmacists can expect significant job growth as more active roles in pharmacy practice begin to take precedence. With rapid changes in pharmacy practice that promote expansion of pharmacists job roles, staffing agencies could become an effective way to keep up with the demands for pharmacists in the community setting. It is also a viable option for pharmacists approaching retirement age that wish to continue to work. Staffing agencies are a highly desirable solution to help coordinate availability of part-time work and the need for flexibility. It is also important to note that pharmacist jobs at different retail chains require specific knowledge of how that particular pharmacy system works. Our companyas goals are to provide scheduling relief to businesses and to match qualified professionals with companies to form successful work relationships.

Market analysis and strategy:

Nationwide, pharmacist shortages are supposed to increase drastically over the next several years. Since pharmacy practice is changing and job roles expanding, the increase in demand for pharmacists is inevitable. This can be associated to the shortage of
primary care providers and the emerging role for
pharmacists to aid in alleviating this shortage. The
CDC currently estimates that the need for primary
care physicians will nearly double by the year 2020.1
There is also a projected steady growing number of
elderly citizens, increasing the need for health care
providers.2 Due to the increasing number of elderly
citizens and the fact many of them find their way
to Florida, we feel that there will be a need to
maintain and efficiently staff pharmacists at community pharmacies in certain regions. Staffing agencies are a highly desirable and effective solution to keep up with the demands for pharmacists in the community setting.

Innov8 Pharmacist Providing Service (IPPS), will be located in Tampa, Florida, which is the largest and centralized part of Hillsborough County. Valrico, Riverview/Apollo Beach, and North Tampa are just a few of the surrounding areas that are experiencing an increase in growth and community. With these growing communities we will see an influx of grocery stores (Publix, Sweatbay), convenient stores (Walgreens, CVS), and even private community pharmacies. We will be covering the entire Tampa Bay area, which includes St. Pete/Clearwater, as well as, Bradenton/Sarasota. Once we have become established and these regions are appropriately covered; we will look to further expand towards Lakeland, Kissimmee, and Orlando. Since Tampa is relatively centralized in Florida, this will enable us to expand to other market regions.
Our target market will consist of two target markets: Pharmacists and Community Pharmacies. Our primary target will be pharmacists who are getting older, but do not want to retire yet. Pharmacists in this bracket are finding it difficult to find positions. We will also be targeting female pharmacists who have families and only want to work part-time, along with male pharmacists who may also want to work part-time and are possibly a?Mr. Moma? in their family.
Once we have our professional licensed pharmacists, we will then be able to target community pharmacies that are struggling to retain staff or want to alleviate their pool pharmacists to decrease cost. We will also target new up and coming community pharmacies in the growing surrounding regions. Our staffing agency will help to qualify pharmacist with previous experience at specific chains. Corporate retail chains (Walgreens, CVS, Publix, etc), companies that require specific knowledge and training for their specific pharmacieswe will be able to help fill those positions by noting which pharmacists already have previous experience with these retailers.
We will promote our services to these specific markets in similar ways. We will be advertising in the Newspaper (Tampa Bay Times), have a commercial on TV, and Flyers strategically placed enticing both pharmacists and community pharmacies to use our staffing agency. Our services will not only be advertised in this fashion but we will also promote directly to community pharmacies by having representatives of our company go on location to meet with the pharmacy managers on-site.
Our proposed strategy will allow our pharmacists to give their availability weekly. This lenient schedule will allow us to negotiate lower hourly wages per pharmacist, benefiting our community pharmacies. Our website will also be accessible to our clients with remote order entry services, enabling both our pharmacists to update their availability and pharmacies to request staff. It will even allow pharmacies to choose which pharmacist theyad like to staff, as long as theyare available on their specific day(s) of need. This tool will help with the advertising of our staffing agency, for those who have used our service will be able to write reviews. Word of mouth is an excellent advertising tool, and with the pharmacy community being a tight-knit group, Iad imagine word will travel fast.

The Operational Structure and Process of IPPS (Innov8 Pharmacist Providing Service)
Innov8 Pharmacist Providing Service is a licensed pharmacy-staffing agency that will provide immediate