Inancial Report Analysis of Goodrington Plc

A financial report, based upon the published financial report would usually include the following:

1. title page with:
a. title of report

2. Contents page
d. Section headings
e. Page numbers

3. Executive summary
f. Brief summary of the report with main findings and recommendations, if any

4. Terms of reference
g. Restates the brief, ie the requirements of the report
h. Methodology

5. Introduction
i. Background to the company
j. Its activities
k. Significant changes, acquisitions, disposals, exception items, etc

6. Analysis
l. Profitability
m. Liquidity
n. Working capital utilisation
o. Gearing
p. Investment ratios
q. Cash flow
Based upon ratios calculated and presented in appendices

7. Appendix 1
Ratios for this year and last year, results only

8. Appendix 2
Ratios for this year and last year, showing
a. Ratio name
b. Formula
c. Figures from accounts
d. results