Inancial Reporting and Analysis of United healthcare Group

This is a group project, my part that you need to write 6 pages about it is valuation and solvency, which include all topics showed below.The group project will be attached with the actual classmate work, as an information and guidance for you, feel free to create any table or graphic if needed. Use 5 references of your choice different from the references listed on the group project attached, please uses the following text as one of the 5 references that you should use: Business Analysis Valuation: Using Financial Statements [PH] Krishna G. Palepu, Paul M. Healy Cengage Learning, 4th Edition, 2012

Components of the WACC (with sources referenced)
DCF Model-Optimistic, Pessimistic & Expected)
DAE Model-Optimistic, Pessimistic & Expected)
DAROE-Optimistic, Pessimistic & Expected)
Assessment of Solvency
Calculation of Altmanas Z
Estimate of Bond Rating based on ratios
Actual Bond Rating (if applicable)