Inancial Reporting & Management Accounting

Choose and obtain a copy of an annual report of a company (Inc. or Ltd) of your
choice. You are encouraged to choose a manufacturing company, a retail company, or a bank, an insurance
company, an investment trust (the latter ones produce somewhat more specialist reports).
Examine such a report with all the financial statements included towards the following points:
1. Examine this report and then make the appropriate financial assessment on it to see how far in your view
it appears to contain the desirable characteristics of financial reports as outlined in the textbooks. (You must
show all workings, that is to analyze the financial performance and risk position of your own company as
disclosed by its financial statements and explain ratios calculated). (50% of the total mark)
2. It would be very interesting to find out and critically assess the information used by shareholders in a
companyas annual report, and what improvements they would like to see in this presentation.
Prepare a written report on your findings and present them on your assignment by trying to answer the
following questions:
a. To what extent do shareholders use their annual reports?
b. What particular items are they interested in?
c. Can they follow the structure of them?
d. Do they understand the terminology used in the report?
e. Would they like a different type of annual report, and if so what? (50% of the total mark).

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the other 2 are specific university instructions on assignment submission and should be followed. thanks

Inancial Reporting & Management Accounting

C/W NUMBER 1st CONTRIBUTION 75% of the module final mark

Upon completion of this piece of coursework, a student will be able to:
LO1: have a critical understanding of the nature of the financial accounting problem and proposed solution structures for assisting policy makers in their deliberations and choices,
LO2: have a critical understanding and appreciation of the use of published financial information for decision making,
LO5: read balance sheets, income statements, statement of changes in shareholders equities and cash-flow statements, and to evaluate their implications into businesses through efficient financial reporting,
LO6: learn how to apply strong financial tools for decision making such as financial ratio analysis,
LO7: understand the crucial role of budgets and their practice in the modern organizations.

This project contributes 75% (which will be represented with a 30% for the theoretical part and 70% for your own ability to find a financial solution to the problem, for your own critical thinking and your personal experience to expose such an issue in domestic and/or international markets) to the final grade of the module.
In determining a final grade, the module leader will take into account an overall analysis that should include and demonstrate the following:
a. The way in which relevant theory is applied to the problem and the use of the related financial literature.
b. Discussion of the key concepts and application of the impact of this plan on the Financial Statements that should be presented.
c. A detailed appraisal of the financial implications of the proposed redundancy/early retirement package.

Use of Resources
Make sure that you reference material that helps you in addressing the issues of this assignment. For this assignment you must rely, exclusively, on academic, peer reviewed, journals. The EBSCO and FIRSTSEARCH databases are excellent resources for such material. Textbooks and internet related material should be avoided.



To: Chief Financial Officer From: Chairman
15 January 2007

Re: Strategic Consultancy

I have recently received a report from the strategic consultancy we have employed lately, advising us towards the employment of a combination of redundancy and/or an early retirement schemes regarding the number of staff which is considered as being excessive.
Could you please explain, giving a practical example, regarding their accounting and financial implications? Please clarify what the current position is on this matter with regard to the costs as well as the financial reporting of our company (*).

The objective of this assignment for the students is to tackle one classical and very popular case which takes place internationally and it is a part of the business and financial strategy of different kind of enterprises, and especially the very large ones. This project will entail a detailed discussion and financial/accounting application on the proposed alternative strategies and the data derived by the financial statements.
You are required to write a reply to the Chairman s memorandum. Bearing in mind the academic content of the program of Financial Reporting & Management Accounting, examine the above issue in your organisation s financial and accounting function and blend the theoretical aspects with the practical situation that your organisation is currently facing. In case that there is no such a plan applied to your own company, then you are welcome to use an example from the domestic or the international market by using published financial data (published balance sheets, income statements, statements of retained earnings, cash-flow statements, executive reports and summaries, etc.). If you find difficulties to collect these data or other similar data useful in our case, then, in collaboration with the module leader, you will set up a list of hypothetical assumptions that are needed for the execution of the fictional plan in an real company, as if, the company decides to finalise an early retirement plan according to your instruction. You are requested to inform the module leader of your selected topic so that the choice of an inappropriate topic can be avoided.
You are reminded that anything you write will be treated in the outmost confidence.
(*) In case of no data availability for the company of your interest, please refer to any other company case in which you have access to the appropriate information.

Students are expected to submit:
A written report between 2,000 and 2,500 words maximum. A penalty policy will be affected in cases that the threshold is exceeded by 10%. They should read books/articles critically in order to formulate their arguments in relation to the subject.
ALL students will be required to individually download their complete assignment into the TURNITIN database system ( which assists in detecting plagiarism. Further details on this procedure will be provided before the assignment is due.