Inancial Repoting Issues at Microsoft Corp

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This is a case. I want you to write a MEMO. I will upload the case and a memo sample. Please please, follow the instructions as it is down below.

You are an officer with the SEC and you have been asked to contact this company. Write a memo explaining your position to the Board of Directors . You answer should be structured as follows:

Introduction: What is the general issue you are writing about?

Main paragraphs: Separate paragraphs for: (a) What did the company do? (b) why is it wrong (c) who are the stakeholders affected (d) what is the correct thing to do (cite relevant ASC) (e) what should the company do now to correct things?

Conclusion: Summarize briefly your findings and recommendations

In the case, you dont have to use the table of numbers.

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Added on 04.05.2015 01:50
Here is the case and sample how to write a memo.