Inancial Statement Analysis & Security Valuation

An equity research report on Morrison plcbr /
a? i?¶ Make good use of the most recent published annual report and a?interim reports br /
i?¶ A brief summary of the report (100 words) br /
i?¶ Financial analysis: Reformulation, ratio, valuation using AOP and FCF model (including sensitivity and WACC calculation) (800 words)br /
i?¶ Justification of using the model (s) above (200 words) br /
i?¶ A brief note on accounting quality of Morrison Plc. (200 a?words) br /
i?¶ Justification of your recommendation (200 words) br /
br /
Data sources: Yahoo Finance, FT, Databases like Thomson One Banker, FAME or br /
br /
br /
Referencing Requirements:br /
put those financial statements and calculations in appendix