Inancial Statement forecast for General Mills

For this project please work on CHAPTER 4 of the Project Outline (attached) which is to analyse the attached excel file: Valuation; that contains financial information about General Mills.

What I did with the file was I downloaded a template from the internet.

In the actual spreadsheet I copied and pasted General Mills 10 years worth of historical financial statements from Thomson Research.

For the comprehensive tab, I mapped the data from the actual tab to the comprehensive worksheet, so it creates a link from each item in the financial statement of the actual worksheet to corresponding item in the comprehensive worksheet.

The condensed tab is the simplified financial statement. You dont have to make any changes in the condensed worksheet, it picks up all the date you need from comprehensive sheet and does the considering for you.

The hist analys worksheet contains the companys historical peformances. The graphical interface in column B in this worksheet makes it easy to see, literally, how a company has performed in the past for a wide range of performance measures.

Cells in the spreadsheets are coded by color: yellow is for the cells in which you must enter data or accept the default data (I already entered the necessary data in this worksheets, so you dont have to do anything else, but to analyse. But I encourage you to play with the worksheeets to get some more understanding) Green is for cells in which the spreadsheet performs an intermediate calculation, and tan is for result.

The yellow cells in the WACC sheet is current as of 10/21/06.

The financial projection or the pro forma of the company is in the Proj&Val tab.

the last two attachment are the sample how the project should look like (look at Chapter 4 of the WD-40 sample) and its supporting data.

You need to include some charts (or you can copy them from the valuation worksheets) in the project.

you might want to do some article research to support your analysis.

number of sources are unlimited, but please cite every source that you use.

This is a serious paper, I expect to see a good analysis writting. Maybe somewhat close to what thay do in the wall street journal, or similar with the sample. You will use a lot of assumption to write for this paper, for example, in the Inputworksheet in cell F12, it is a plug in number and I put 3.5% because I think General Mills is in its mature state and steady growth rate, and you need to write about this also in the paper.

Please email me with any question.

Thank You