Inancial Statement fraud and Revenue recognition fraud

This report is 4 pages long essay without a CONCLUSION. You do not need to provide a conclusion Your part is only to write the following:

1. Introduction

2. Definition of financial statement fraud and revenue recognition fraud (Explanation of what they are, briefly talk about when it occurs, and the effect of such fraudulent activity)

3. Reasons to cook the book:
a? Make the numbers on financial statements income statement look better
a? Easy to acquire capital through financing
a? Hide bad news to keep customers, stock owners, business partners
a? Hold companyas actual financial situation position
a? Cover illegal activities
a? Meet the financial analystsa expectations

This report should provide 3 parts that I mentioned above and a detailed explanation of the financial statement type of fraudulent activity Specifically revenue recognition fraud for research.

Please indicate all the references in the last additional page.