Inancial Systems and the Government in AUSTRALIA

Essay Year 4 University.

Topic: Financial systems in Australia perform a number of valuable functions including the provision of economic and financial information to the markets. What role, if any, should the government play in order to contribute to the efficient operation of the financial system in performing this function?

You must include at least five references including at least one book and at least one journal article. The list must be correctly formatted using the Harvard referencing system.

There is a 1200 word limit. The word limit does not include the abstract, title page or reference list. Make sure there is a title page, an abstract (not more than 200 words), introduction, body, conclusion, and a reference list.

I will attach some useful web pages and the marking guidelines. But please make sure that web pages are not the only source as books and journal articles must be used.

I am an Australian student so please make sure the correct sources are used!