Inancial vs Managerial Accounting PART II

Shared Practice: Financial vs. Managerial Accounting (Continued from Week 1)

Recall the Week 1 Discussion, a?Shared Practice: Financial vs. Managerial Accounting,a? where you and your colleagues described the types of decisions that could be made using financial and managerial accounting. Read through your colleaguesa posts and by Day 3 of Week 2, and respond to two or more of your colleagues in one of the following ways:

Post by Day 3, the following:

Provide insights or contrasting observations regarding financial and managerial accounting that you gained from reading their posts.

Offer other examples, based on your experience or research, of when such accounting data was effectively used or when decisions were made without it and explain the results.

Describe trends you observe from the posts of your colleagues and why those are important.


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Chapter 1, a?Introductiona? (pp. 1a 18)