Inancing Health care ( Article review)

Review one article from a scholarly journal. Internet sources, which produce information other than web-available journals, are NOT acceptable for this assignment. Consult the guidelines for the review and grading rubric which can be found in the Article Review folder in the Assignment Tab of the course Blackboard site. This review must be typewritten, double spaced, with 12-point font and 1a? margins.
Your article review will be 2 pages in length, and due no later than 11:59 pm Sunday March 13.

Article reviews must follow all specifications provided on the course syllabus. In preparing this work, you will also need to respond to each of the following:
Citation Each review must include the citation for the article that you are discussing. Be sure to give the complete citation, especially if you are using something from an edited compilation. Your citation must conform to American Psychological Association (APA) style. APA style resources can be found in the Read Me First tab in the course Blackboard website.
Summary Tell the reader exactly what the article is about. What was the reason for the article? If a research work, how did the author go about conducting the study? Who were the subjects? What kinds of analysis wee conducted? What were the authoras findings and conclusions?
Professional Critique From the perspective of a professional in the field of health science, how do you respond to the article? For example, is it clearly written? Would its intended audience understand the content (remember that the average consumer may NOT be the intended reader)? How might the work have been improved? Did the author support his conclusions with appropriate evidence? Were any biases apparent in the authoras work and/or conclusions? Do not hedge when preparing your professional critique. Take a stand.
Personal Response Even if you select an article that, from your professional point of view is horrible, it may generate a favorable personal response. Alternatively, you may have similar personal and professional responses to a written work. Tell me about those personal responses. Only in this section may you introduce any subjectivity. Was the article interesting to you? Do you think it covered an important topic? How might it have been improved to make for better reading? better research? Did the author tackle a major problem in an appropriate manner? Questions as these are all fair game for your personal response.
3Qs Create three questions that you can ask someone to establish his grasp of the content. Do not provide answers to these questions.
All reviews must be written in professional prose. That means you cannot use contractions, nor can you use the a?first persona in your writing. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation must be consistent with professional standards. Lastly, remember that only professional sources are eligible for use as an article review. Publications such as a?Sports Illustrated,a a?Seventeen,a a?Newsweek,a a?Lifea or any other popular magazine (that you can buy at the super market) are NOT
acceptable. Newspapers and the INTERNET are also inappropriate sources for this assignment.
This assignment should be 2 pages in length, 12-point font, 1 inch margins. Check the syllabus for the date that this assignment is due.