Inancing Risk Opportunities of SINGAPORE / LIMITATION and FUTURE prospect of that 6 Asian countries/areas

Hi, Ozzie(#2452), the Attached document (Asian Venture Capital: Financing Risk Opportunities) is the previous essay you have written for me. China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India are the 5 Asian countries/areas you have done for that essay. You have done a very good job!

Now, could you do me a favor?

First, could you write SINGAPORE as the 6th country under the same topic?

Second, could you write LIMITATION and FUTURE prospect of that 6 Asian areas financing risk opportunities according to the essay?

Finally, could you write a good ABSTRACT for the whole essay?

Thank you very much!

BTW, if you need extra time for preparing or sth else, just tell me, I can wait for you!
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